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“Learning from Karen Frost is great fun. She is knowledgeable, and has a way of conveying information that inspires action.” – Johanna Yamuna van Gelder, RScP

Below are previews of my previous workshops. Contact me regarding facilitating a workshop for your spiritual center.

#RelationshipGoals Workshop

A workshop where we support one another in releasing social ideas of what a relationship should look like, identify our own personal relationship goals, and learn how to manifest those goals into our reality.

Spirituality & Technology Workshop

Just like we can apply spiritual principles to change our experience with prosperity, relationships, and our physical health, we can apply those same principles to our relationship with technology.

In this workshop, you will be guided to release any beliefs about being technologically challenged, and learn new strategies to conquer your relationship with technology.

This hands-on, guided workshop will address:

+ A guided tour through Facebook
+ Common themes in websites that will help you navigate the web easier
+ An overview of must-know technology terms
+ Easy problem-solving strategies using spiritual and practical tools
+ Some of your own personal technical questions
+ And more!

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