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Don’t start a social media campaign about being impeccable with your word, unless you really mean it. Since my wife and I have been together, we try to participate in some kind of burning bowl ceremony at the end of the year. It’s a symbolic activity to release beliefs that no longer serve us, and claim new beliefs for the new year. New year, new us.

Obviously, I don’t become a new person in a day. But having a routine of reflecting on my year while traveling away from home, allows me to identify some clear themes to work on for the following year. And having that clarity allows me to learn from my mistakes, instead of continuing to make the same mistakes I made last year.

In 2018, I went from working on my dream, to actually living it. Viola Davis, one of the most inspirational women on the planet, trusts me to support JuVee’s mission to funnel diverse stories and talent into the entertainment industry. I co-created Spirit Uncensored, a radically-diverse spiritual community.

I looked back over my year and realized that it’s time to realize that I am changing the world right now, by using my own voice. It’s time to participate in my own social media campaigns and #beintegrity. It’s time to realize that I am one of the leaders Barack Obama is asking to step their game up. Challenge accepted.

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