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Growing up in a Jewish and Christian household inspired me to explore spirituality. In my search for the “right” religion, I discovered that most religions had the same underlying principles. There is an omnipotent, power of love that we would all benefit from if we believed in it faithfully. Buddha wasn’t a Buddhist. Jesus wasn’t a Christian. Muhammad wasn’t a Muslim. They were teachers who taught love. LOVE was their religion.

This understanding inspired me to launch Spirit Uncensored. Our mission is to provide an uncensored, safe space to explore spiritual principles and embody love more fully in our individual lives.

I am also a TV Creative Executive at JuVee Productions, Viola Davis’ and Julius Tennon’s production company where we focus on developing content with marginalized and emerging writers. 

My wife Ronnie and I have been married for eight years, and we co-host the podcast The Drunken Church LadiesEach episode is about love, LGBTQ issues, spirituality and ratchetness. 

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